ATX1800 connection behavior

Scenario: ATX1800 has both “repeater connection” and “PPPoE connection” coexist, but the “repeater connection” is disabled.

Behavior: When ATX1800 reboot, the disabled “repeater connection” is ON again to coexist with the main PPPoE connection, then you disabled it again then reboot, it’s ON again.

Is it normal or a bug ?

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It is Bug.Thanks for your feedback.

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Huh. A part of me thinks I’d like to have all my interfaces brought back up after a reboot, but I guess I’m more in the “Travel Router” mindset (where I could be on a totally-different network setup between reboots) vs. “Fixed Router” .

All interfaces should be restored to their pre-reboot status after a reboot (disable restore to disable, enable restore to enable), not all enabled.

In addition, repeater will scan Wi-Fi when it is trying to reconnect at regular intervals, which may affect itself WiFi performance.
So if you manually disable repeater, It should remain disabled after a reboot.

Ah. Didn’t think of that.