Auto connect to public wifi database

Is there a way to automatically connect gl.inet devices to any available open public wifi by feeding the password database or by any other means while traveling?

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Hypothetically, yes. These devices run OpenWrt Linux ‘under the hood’. Conceptually you’d have to work out a way to have the radios constantly scan for SSIDs & when there’s a match found in your ‘database’ (I recommend a csv for spreadsheet compatibility), write to the appropriate conf (configuration text files), then restart the Repeater/networking processes.

This isn’t really the right forum to pose this however; you’re looking for capabilities that I’m sure GL wouldn’t support… & their current feature requests are already quite long. I’d recommend heading over to OpenWrt’s forum itself.

Regardless you’re going to need to ‘ssh into’ your GL device to do so. I’d highly recommend making periodic backups as you progress least something go seriously awry. See the attached HOW-TO: