Auto wifi off in flint?

I got my Flint but couldn’t found the package for auto wifi off in luci.

I have ar750 where i can install it and it works beautifully. I copied the script to scheduled tasks of Flint from ar750 but it refuses to work.

There is a system log but it don’t clearly mention the error.

@alzhao any ideas?

Mon Dec 13 00:35:00 2021 crond[2947]: USER root pid 7283 cmd /usr/bin/ forcestop

The log generates but it doesn’t turnoff the wifi

Hello. I don’t have a Flint.

If luci-app-wifischedule doesn’t work for you like it used to on AR750, you may find the solution on this page.


Obviously, I have already tried these solutions if you have read my question

You only mention the script relative to wifischedule, that’s why I send you to that page, I didn’t know you have tried all scripts relative to on/off wifi without wifischedule installed.

I am not sure what is the in the script /usr/bin/, but for Flint, here is the command to turn on/off wifi


uci set wireless.wifi0.disabled=1
uci set wireless.wifi1.disabled=1
uci commit wireless


uci set wireless.wifi0.disabled=0
uci set wireless.wifi1.disabled=0
uci commit wireless

A simple wifi on an wifi off seems does not work.

This is the script made by luci-app-wifischedule in Scheduled Tasks. Working fine for me in one AR750S and two AR750.


How can i use it to put it in a schedule?

I mean, you can change the script and do as @David 's screenshot

Yes you are right, my English is very bad, I did not understand everything. Sorry if I didn’t help much.

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Is there an easier way like it’s in AR750?

That’s GUI based with an installed package or something?

i tried to follow your instructions and given code but not sure how to put it all together.

@alzhao any update on this mate?

Sorry there is no easy way. Basic script is needed.

But we do take this idea into consideration and may put this in development.

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Exciting !
This should not be hard.
I’ll check back after few months.

Is there any updates to this conversation? I cannot find the luci-app-wifischedule in the plugins that can be downloaded through the backend of the router/luci. What is the best way to set this up to shut off all WiFi from 11pm-630am EST?

If I was watching a show past 11 is there a way to keep it on atumatically or will I have to manually turn on the WiFi after that time and shut it off when I am done? If I shut it off manually will it turn back on at 630?

Thank you

This should be a simple enough feature to add. Please do so in the next updates.

Thank you