Automatic QoS for Clients

It would be helpful to have a little more control / defaults for QoS settings – for example:

  1. It would be really nice to be able to set a default (if enabled) DL/UL QoS speed for all clients in general, or clients connected to a particular SSID or interface. In this way, you could automatically limit speeds for all new clients, but then still be able to manually override individual clients to disable QoS, adjust speeds, for “special users” as needed.

When tethering off of a Cellular hotspot, for example, I find I need to Qos limit each client to ~1/n of the max connection speed (or roughly 1250 KB/sec) in order to keep ping times reasonable. Of course, this depends on the speed and latency of the connection and the number of clients.

  1. It would be much more helpful if the QoS speed limits were in Megabits / second rather than KiloBytes / second as they are now. For example, 5 or 10 Mbit/sec is a reasonable throttling limit for most clients. Having the speeds with these units makes more sense to average users since it matches most speed tests. In comparion, 10Mbit/sec is roughly 1250 KB/sec (which are the current units). Or, have a drop down and let people select the most appropriate unit.

  2. Finally, these really should not be labelled as QoS settings (because they’re not), but rather client speed throttling settings – e.g. limit client DL/UL bandwidth


Yes a master switch for QoS would be a great addition with (I assume) little effort… Just a new GUI item.

AI will make things difficult.

The UI can be improved to handle this.


Do you really mean “AI” here? Basically I’m just looking for a setting to have default QoS speed limit settings applied to all clients (current and new) with the ability to optionally disable / override default values for a few key user by manual exception.

I see. This may be easy.

Let me record this on file.