AX1800, 4.2.3. VPN IP Leak, Kill switch not working when VPN is off

Not sure if this unique to the new firmware or if I was leaking my real IP before.

Global Options: OFF
VPN Policy Base On Client: Set defined by MAC

There are a couple issues with this settings, the first one is that if I turn the VPN off to lets say switch VPN services, the devices included in my MAC list will have access to the Internet and leak the real IP address.
Second, if the VPN is enabled but lets say not connecting due to VPN Server issues, no device will have access to the internet regardless if they are in the MAC list or not.

I tested doing the opposite with the Client policy, I enabled the Global Option to Block Non VPN traffic and inverted the Client Policy to NOT use VPN expecting it to work. But if the VPN is off, the devices in the client policy that should NOT use VPN they now dont have internet access even when they should since Im using the policy as a whitelist.

Not sure how it’s possible for GliNET to drop the ball on this one so bad.

Need a response to this ASAP, this is a serious flaw especially coming from a company advertising their routers as having top notch VPN capabilities.

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Have you enabled “Allow Access WAN” at VPN dashboard global options?

I retest the case you mentioned.

This is by design if you don’t turn on “Block Non-VPN Traffic”.
If you don’t turn the VPN off, there should be no leak.

This is also by design if you turn on “Block Non-VPN Traffic”.
One side effect of making “Block Non-VPN Traffic” too powerful.

I do encounter this issue by setting “VPN Policy Base On The Client Device”.
Make sure you click Apply, when you change to that policy mode.
We’ll do more tests by clicking around and optimize that.