AX1800 allowing more clients than set

Sorry I have another question regarding my AX1800 Flint

I have set it to allow a max of 50 clients, why is it I have 30 online clients and 22 offline clients, 9 of which are blocked as they are unknown devices, if this is neighbours hacking my network, I dont really want them to be able to try and connect again to my router and the router to allow them, why has it allowed those extra 2 ?

This restriction means at the same time ! iPhones and other portables be default randomizes their MAC addresses so they appear as a different device each time !

Thanks, im aware the iphone creates a random mac address, and thats exactly the issue, ive adjusted all my other phones to stop a random mac address, however the one iphone I cant get my hands on and want to block, all she has to do is reboot her phone and shes connected to the router again on another mac address, anything I can do to permanently block that iphone ?

Change the SSID and create a Strong WiFi Password using recommendations here.

You could also restrict the SSID to have static Ip that you assign according to MAC address

Not sure what the situation is with the one Iphone If its someone you want to give access to some times and other times not put them on the guest network you could also use the schedule to restrict WiFi

“You could also restrict the SSID to have static Ip that you assign according to MAC address”

How do I do this ?

its an issue we are having with my partners daughter who sits at home all day long doing nothing, not even helping out at home, so we want to remove privileges, but as we have ip camera’s, its not as easy as just switching off the router when we go out to work.

What is the Firmware for the GL-AX1800?

4.2.1, the main screen is set to protocol DHCP at the moment, is that where you mean to change it to static.

at the moment my PC is hardwired to the router, and the router is hardwired to my VM Hub 3 which is in modem mode, everything else connects via wifi.

Fair warning I have not tried this
No good way in GL.iNet GUI(should be under firewall but not)
In LuCi go to Network tab and click Wireless. Will bring up the Wireless overview. Click edit on the SSID you want bottom of page under Interface Configuration there is a Mac Filter tab and choose your options, I think you would want Allow list(so only Mac address you want are connected) Just be aware if it is not your MAC list it wont be assigned a IP.

So it should work but it could break your VM HUB

To be honest I would section off your network with a Main Network for computers and such stuff you want to be able to talk to each other, have IOT network and a guest network

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Youre a diamond, thank you, so far so good the MAC allow filter seems to be working, I have seen that in previous firmwares for this router in the GL.iNet interface, not sure where they have moved it too, the daughter is not at home at the moment and all her devices have been removed so all the MAC addresses in the long list have been added to the allow list, fingers crossed its stops anyone else connecting, and then like you said I can then just setup a guest connection for when she will be allowed to use it which can be switched on and off as we please.

The problem with separating the network between Main, IoT and Guest, is most except for 2 or 3 devices we would want on the Main, and if we want her off it we would have to change the SSID or password, however, that includes things like Alexa lightbulbs, door bell, actual Alexa’s, and smart plug sockets that you simply cant just change the password on, you need to actually remove the device and setup again from scratch, the only downside to that is some of the bulbs etc were a nightmare to connect in the first place.

While the provided information mentions accessing the “Mac Filter” tab through LuCi for wired connections, it doesn’t offer a solution for the AX1800 Flint web interface (GL.iNet GUI). Here’s what you can do:

  1. Check the AX1800 Flint manual: The official manual might offer specific instructions for managing connected devices and implementing access control features on your router.
  2. Search online resources: Search for “[AX1800 Flint block unknown devices]” or similar phrases. You might find helpful guides or forum discussions with solutions specific to your router model.
  3. Contact GL.iNet support: If you’re still unable to find a clear solution, consider contacting GL.iNet support directly. They can provide official guidance related to your router’s functionalities, crm data enrichment, and security settings.