AX1800 firmware 4.4.5 - VPN/network access blocked after upgrade

Potential bug:


Using an OpenVPN client, the VPN will always connect successfully, but network access to devices is only possible the first time a VPN is connected. Potentially similar to the below post:

Often, if the router is rebooted with the VPN connected, network access is denied to devices after the restart - logs show that during boot the VPN can often connect/disconnect a couple of times.

The VPN always connects and can be seen to be passing DNS request traffic at the server end, it’s just that client devices have no network access on the 2nd and subsequent VPN connection attempts.


  • Disable the VPN
  • Reboot the router
  • Then manually connect the VPN after restart.
  • All is then good. For the first VPN connection attempt.

… until, you disconnect the VPN, then reconnect the VPN again. Then, there is no network access to clients.

Tested without ‘Block Non-VPN Traffic’ enabled, this makes no difference. Completed multiple factory resets, downgrades, this behaviour is consistent across multiple devices and multiple VPN profiles, different providers, servers, etc.


  • Downgrade to 4.2.3
  • Don’t keep settings on downgrade
  • Reconfigure router/VPN

This then works consistently. Device can be rebooted, VPN can be connected/disconnected multiple times, client devices always have VPN/network access.

I think 4.4.5 should be pulled from stable and ‘prompted upgrade in the UI’, at least for AX1800 devices.

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100% agree. This might be related to your issue Tailscale brings down internet on Flint AX-1800 4.4.5. To be honest, I used OpenVPN client on 4.4.5 for the first half an hour without issues, then I had my internet access blocked (see the post above).

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This will be fixed in 4.4.6.