AX1800 Flint DHCP issues on WiFi

Router is running 4.5.0 RC and has been working for a few weeks brilliantly since the new firmware was installed… The router is only 2 months old.

Tonight some devices, all wireless cannot connect to the network, and therefore the Web. All devices are set up to use DHCP and after resetting the router a couple of times I figured I could connect if I configure a static IP on a device, there is no IP handout from the router using DHCP.

Wired connections are working perfectly using DHCP.

Any thoughts on this?

Checking your environment’s congestion would be the very first thing I’d do.

Can you get the log when you connect one device to the wifi?

I played about with it tonight but couldn’t see anything wrong with the setup I had applied.

I rolled back the firmware to the stable 4.4.6, set everything up as before (I mean exactly) and well…it’s back to working again.

Must be a bug in the firmware - any way to report that ?