AX1800 FW v4.4.6 Disable clients on the VPN server

I run several clients on my WireGuard Server, how can I switch off individual clients? I have not found the function.

You can’t disable the devices, but you can delete them by deleting the profile:

There might be more ways when use SSH, but this is more advanced then.

But that’s not an elegant solution, I’m used to something else. Similar to the LAN user switch-off

You mean you want to close this client, but you don’t want to delete the config file because you want to open it again next time, right?

Understand, it is convenient to ask you what scenarios you want to switch off individual clients, and whether this operation is very frequent, it will help me understand better, thanks!

That’s exactly how it is, it is practical to switch off a client without deleting the configuration.