AXT-1800 Slate Should I upgrade to 4.1.0 beta 3?

Here’s a real newbie question…

I have a Slate AXT-1800. It’s currently at firmware 4.0.3. Are there enough differences in 4.1.0.beta 3 that I should upgrade now? I only use this router as a travel router, mostly in repeater mode, with wireguard vpn for streaming. I am an IT nerd and have a strong IT/networking background, but still a newbie with the GLi product line. Hence, I don’t necessarily mind upgrading (and in fact I usually upgrade my hardware to the latest and greatest) but I don’t want to move to something that is shaky or breaks often.

Love this forum and all the help/information it provides! Thanks…

I suggest you should wait for at least the release1 version.
The repeater and VPN features have not changed much in version 4.1.

In general, I do not immediately upgrade firmware on any of my GL.iNet routers, especially with beta releases. If there are no Release Notes, or the Release Notes do not state major resolution of issues that pertain to my specific use cases, then I do not see a rush to upgrade.

There are a lot of posts in this forum from GL.iNet to upgrade to the latest stable or beta releases as “cure-alls”, that end up not solving the reported problem, or that solves the problem and introduces new problem(s).

Even with stable releases, I wait for 2-3 months to see if other users find problems, or there is another release in quick succession. I also keep a copy of the current working firmware before upgrade to new firmware, in case I have go roll back.

I am running Firmware 4.0.0-0603 on my GL-AXT1800 and it is stable for my purposes.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Thank you everyone for your answers. It’s been very helpful!

Beta 3 has been working pretty solid for me. I would backup your settings, list of packages and make a copy of you current firmware, if you don’t like it revert back. I highly recommend not keeping settings or packages, (fresh install) for snapshot and beta installs once we get a stable build then try keeping packages and settings.

beta3 is pretty good for me too, appart from the issue with ax needing to be disabled for long sessions still present since 4.0, everything I use works very well.