Axt1800 4.1.0r3 and r4 problems connecting as repeater

Hi, I upgraded to 4.1.0 r3 a few days ago and noticed it is much slower to repeat a 5ghz signal after a reboot. After upgrading to r4 just now I noticed the same problem. When I connect to a saved 5ghz network to repeat it it will fail several times saying incorrect password before eventually connecting. I’ll attach a log for you to look at.

It looks like a bug. Developer is working on it.

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Did you upgrade retaining settings and packages?

AXT-1800 4.1.0 r3 for me has been stable for me. I was not able to use a previous config file and needed to create a new one after I set everything up
I have it Repeating from a Gl-AX1800 on 5G channel has not had a issue.

Nope, it was a fresh install. As confirmed by alzhao it appears to be a bug

Just as a follow up this is still occurring in 4.1.0 r5 for the axt1800.

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Yes, I can also confirm that it is still happening on the latest beta and messing up my load balancing internet connection.

I noticed. Checking with developers about the fix.