AXT1800 - Can't Update Adguard Home more than once

AXT1800 - Release 2, This is what happened:
After a firmware restore, I entered Adguard Home to set it up. It asked for an update, which was successfull.
After a few hours, a new update was released (v0.107.7 - the latest one) so it asked again for an update. This was impossible to do, because I had this error on system log :

AdGuardHome.yaml: no space left on device

I had to make space deleting /etc/AdGuardHome/agh-backup folder (this contains Adguard Home previous version, right?), and then the update was successfull.
So I was wondering if this is going to happen with every release?!?

Yes, the /etc/AdGuardHome/agh-backup folder will keep previous version of AGH there.

If space is an issue, unless AGH backup option can be turned off,
maybe you should manually remove/move the previous version file to other directory before upgrading a newer version.


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Probably using the micro sd or the usb with exroot is the best for this cases. It is very easy with recent luci gui, no ssh needed.

I do not bother to update AdGuard. Is there any significative change?

Well, on the latest release QUIC has been finalized, for example…
I use exroot on devices with small space like Mango or Creta, but if I can, I prefer to go without it.

Read the release note here: Releases · AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome · GitHub

They release 3-6 new versions per month.
In the /etc/AdGuardHome/agh-backup we have 2 files: a bin AdGuardHome (~32MB) and a yaml config AdGuardHome (~4KB). With tar.gz it can be reduced to ~10MB, but probably better to delete it.
The agh-backup could be deleted immediately after update or at every AdGuardHome start.
I have not found any config option for that sadly. So 2 options: someone adds a github ticket for the request for a config option or a script is added in the gl-inet side.
Probably a script should be added to that as part of regular gl-inet firmware, perhaps disabled by default (init.d are trivial to enable in openwert luci gui).

From the official github repo:


Yeah, a script was on my mind when posting this.
I mean, I really don’t mind to manually delete the folder everytime… but for a casual user point of view, it makes no sense to make things very easy in the UI and then facing these space problems IMHO…

@dengxinfa can you check if this is doable in our firmware?