AXT1800 in Access Point Mode - Samba

Have been playing around with the ATX1800 in Access Point mode with Flint as “base” router (firmware 3.xx).
Works fantatically however a couple of observations:

  • It does appear that as standard the “Max” transmit is “overwhelming” and it took on a lot of devices that I didn’t think it would. Changing to “High” seemed to fix. I may have to manually play with the transmit power of both to get the correct handover when going from upstairs to downstairs.
  • There’s no ability to do Samba share once it’s in AP mode. Is this possible and just omitted or not possible at all?

Thanks for your suggestion, we will try to make the Samba service work in AP mode.
it should be possible.

Have just realised I can share a USB stick on my S1300 in AP mode :slight_smile:

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