AXT1800 losing internet connectivity as WIFI Repeater

I am a US customer with an AXT1800 that I am using in router mode to repeat the 5G connection of an ISP provided router. I am currently only using 5G WLAN to connect to the router. I am also using adguard, but the issue presents itself whether or not adguard is enabled. I am not using a VPN. My firmware is 4.0.1 release 5. The issue also happens on 4.0.0. I have reset the firmware once already.

The repeater will work find for hours and then suddenly the internet will stop, though the connection to the source WIFI will have not been severed. The only way get the internet working again is to disconnect and reconnect to the source WIFI. The internet drops every few hours. My devices that are connected to the source WIFI do not experience any connectivity issues. (15.2 KB)
The logs weren’t too helpful (see attached)

I’ve been using the slate ax and Wi-Fi repeater mode for over 3 months and I haven’t had a single drop in my ping.

Even run multiple services behind the SlateAX on WWAN, it’s been amazingly stable.

What’s the config of your upstream WiFi?

Basic Archer a7 connected to my ISP modem

What’s the WiFi config?

SlateAX is standard, I did separate the 2.4g / 5g AP.

I want to known the WiFi config of your Archer a7.

Completely standard as well. Sperate 2.4 / 5ghz

Can you post wifi config on your master router, i.e. Archer A7?

These logs indicate a strange VHT mode which may come from your A7.