AXT1800 (release 3) Adguard Home prevents access to Samba shared folders

Well, this is strange but happened to me quite a lot of time now…
Sometimes, after enabling shared folders and starting Samba, if you start Adguard Home it’s impossible to access shared folders.
This happens usually after a while (1/2 hour-1 hour).
Intrestingly, you can sometimes access shared folders from a Windows 10 pc, but folder access is terribly slow and doesn’t work everytime… No way to access folders from my Android phone (Using File Manager + or Xiaomi file manager).
If you stop Adguard Home, shared folders are immediately accessible again, and re-enabling Adguard dosn’t stop samba anymore…
This happened a lot of time on Release 2, just upgraded to release 3 and it happened again soon after I reconfigured the router and re-enabled Samba & Adguard Home.
Option I have Activated:
On the shared folder I set up write permissions for 1 user with a password.
Override DNS Settings for All Clients is activated.
On Adguard Home, I use NextDNS (tls://)
All default blocking lists are activated except AdAway Default Blocklist
Wireguard client is running with VPN policies enabled (MAC address)
DLNA is enabled, sharing 1 subfolder of Samba Directory
When this happens the following appears often on system log:

Tue Jun  7 20:33:58 2022 daemon.err nmbd[5730]: [2022/06/07 20:33:58.308492,  0] ../../source3/nmbd/nmbd_become_lmb.c:398(become_local_master_stage2)
Tue Jun  7 20:33:58 2022 daemon.err nmbd[5730]:   *****
Tue Jun  7 20:33:58 2022 daemon.err nmbd[5730]:
Tue Jun  7 20:33:58 2022 daemon.err nmbd[5730]:   Samba name server ROUTER-SALOTTO is now a local master browser for workgroup WORKGROUP on subnet
Tue Jun  7 20:33:58 2022 daemon.err nmbd[5730]:
Tue Jun  7 20:33:58 2022 daemon.err nmbd[5730]:   *****
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I also noticed that file sharing is slow, around 15mbps write speed, but when directly connected to windows PC write speed is over 100mbps, my shared folder access is fine even with adguard home enabled. I am also on v4 release 3.

With the latest firmware, first stable version (4.0.0 release3), it seems that works better than with the previous betas. Before it used to take a lot to connect using SMB, tested with linux (mint 20.3), windows (10 pro 21H2) and android (9 and 11). It used to fail sometimes, without any apparent reason, even using cable (?). Now it works very smooth, almost immediate in all devices. Failures connecting are less frequent.

Tested with SMB and DLNA enabled. Adguard and vpn enabled also. Default config for SMB (no SMB version change). Using anonymous access. Router working > 1h.
Tested both copying files and streaming video (1080p and 4K). Micro sd 256GB A2 V30 UHS-I U3 4K, with read 100MB/s and write 80MB/s.

DLNA seems to work also ok, only tested video streaming, but no difference with vlc.

Regarding the “is now a local master browser” probably there is another device with smb in the local network. I had similar problems with devices in the past. You can disable the other devices (in my case a laptop with a shared folder no longer needed) smb sharing to check. If then works, it is question of playing with a few parameters in the smb config to guarantee that the router works as master.