AXT1800 Samba share issues

Been using the AXT1800 for about a month. Samba file sharing enabled with WAN access as well. After 4.02 firmware and including up to 4.03 sharing via WAN isn’t working as expected. I can connect to the share, read files, but no longer delete/overwrite/write files. Gives message “Some files can’t be processed, either because you don’t have permission to modify them, or because they are on a locked volume.”
Decided to wipe the sd card and start over, worked fine renaming files twice and then 5 mins later, tried to write or delete a file and get the above message again. Even connected to the router itself I get the same error. Tried creating new user for the share, same thing.

You can check if the SD card gets properly mounted as Read/Write via LuCI → System → Mount Points.

Personally, I prefer to set up Samba in LuCI after installing the luci-app-samba package.

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