AXT1800 stable firmware (release3) is out

I can confirm the repeater issue is solved in the release note.

BTW, anyone who experienced the NextDNS DoT server not working in the Encrypted DNS section of DNS ? I can’t get Stubby working, it crashed all the time. It’s seems that the configuration file location has changed ?

There is an issue updating the repository with adguard + vpn.

Working ok without.

I have no issue to update the repository, however I encountered couple times on the beta firmware.
After checking the issues, it seems to be related to IPv6. When IPv6 is enabled, link to Openwrt repository will fail. However I have no issue in the stable firmware now.

Yes, no issue after reseting the router. Cannot replicate again the issue. It works as expected. Not using ipv6. Strange.

I think this might be a issue with incompatible transitive dependencies, I have noticed this aswell with installing cake kmod sched.

I think one time it finds the correct dependency inside gl-inet repo or openwrts repo, but sometimes the opkg updater prefers the other repo which may or may not spits out this error that it cannot install, I think that it tries to install a concurent dependency from the wrong repo.

it could be tested maybe by commenting the openwrt ones temporary inside /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf or those for gl-inet as soon when the error occurs.