B1300 - 3.012 Beta - NAT Hairpinning

Noticed that 3.012 Beta does not allow hairpinning to a NAT’ed device…


From clean flash…

  1. Set a DHCP reservation for a wired LAN client, ensure that LAN client continues to use the DHCP address
    1a) in this example,

  2. LAN client has an OpenSSH server, so go to Firewall, set port forward to LAN Host IP, TCP, Port 22 on Internal and External Ports

  3. Attempt to SSH to LAN client from WAN side - should pass successfully
    3a) Attempt to SSH to LAN host from LAN side using LAN host IP - should pass

  4. Attempt to SSH from LAN side to WAN IP:port - should pass

In Step 4 - the current B1300 build fails.

Testing with AR300M 3.013 Beta, this passes… but that’s different upstream.

Artifact of the QSDK build on B1300?

It should be fine. Could you please use ar300m instead of b1300 directly, and try again?

ar300m works fine…