B1300 any new updates coming anytime soon?

Hi, im currently contemplating flashing the vanilla OpenWRT firmware onto my B1300, just mainly because its on a very old version at the moment, infact its on a beta version, 3.100 1217 from Dec 2019, which ships with openwrt 15.05.1, very old, however I noticed on the OpenWRT site that 19.07.2 is available for my B1300, it looks easy enough to flash using the UBOOT method, however I understand I would loose the nice GUI that ships with the GL.iNet router, and the only thing that really bothers me about loosing this is setting up wireguard vpn client manually with mullvad looks very confusing to me and a bit of a nightmare, sorry but im a noob when it comes to routers.

So before I even think about trying this, ive also downloaded the stock firmware img file so I can always revert back if im struggling, however, before I do this I just want to know if there are any plans to release a newer firmware for this device anytime soon ?

Oh im also using windows 10 by the way.

3.100 is based on 18.something no? Pretty sure it’s not a 2015 firmware being used as the base in any case.

I would just wait a few months for gl/inet to release their firmwares based on 19.07 unless there is a feature you absolutely need, or just have time to waste/learn about openwrt.

Hi, nah I dont really have time to waste, was just after the latest update thats all, but when I go into advanced and luci it says at the bottom OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 r48067, googling it actually says its from 2018.

Oh fair enough.

In my experience, vanilla openwrt is amazing but anytime you want to change anything it will take a while to reconfigure the whole thing.

That makes setting up a spontaneous guest network a little more time consuming for instance.

As long as what you need is more or less covered by glinet firmware then I would just stick with that.

Stable is often better for router firmware than bleeding edge in anycase unless there is something that you really need in the latest releases.

The B1300/S1300 use the Qualcomm QSDK which is based on OpenWRT 15.05.1. Qualcomm must update their QSDK to the latest version, its not something GL can do because they include proprietary drivers in their version.

@Seanie3080 You don’t only loose the GL UI, you also loose Mesh and some wifi performance if you go to Vanilla 19.07.3, as Vanilla doesn’t have the proprietary optimized drivers included.


QSDK is based on OpenWRT 15.05, but it’s changed enough that it really cannot be consider OpenWRT…

QSDK keeps current for many of the FOSS packages, and integrates their items as needed to support the reference boards they have designed and released - MESH is one of those items, along with 802.11ac Wave2, and QSDK also includes the network acceleration stuff for cut-thru forwarding (speaking broadly) - some of this work does end up back on OpenWRT master as commits if the code contributed is GPLv2 compatible.