B1300 i can't change wifi password

Hello to all, in my b1300 if i try to change wifi password, after restart, i don’t see any saved data. I can’t connect to my router with lan, my pc don’t have it.

Is a Bug or i must use lan?

You said you cannot connect using LAN. Do you mean that the router is not responding?

Change WiFi password should not be a problem

Solved thanks. All changed in advance mode.

while I am connected through the router I can’t change my yahoo mail password. I can’t understand why this is happening to me. At last, I have to take the help of Yahoo Support and they have changed my password manually. But they can’t tell me the main issue occurred. If anybody can then help me.

@pedro6655 Only can’t change password? Could you receive from yahoo e-mail? I don’t think it is caused by router.