之前提过一些关于B1300 mesh网络使用的一些疑问。鉴于官方说明书比较简单,我根据自己一段时间的使用经验来总结一下,供其他人参考

  1. B1300的mesh按钮有三种指示方式
  • 按下慢速闪烁,此阶段松开似乎并不会有什么改变
  • 继续长按变为中速闪烁,若为第一次设置,则此阶段可松开按钮,开始mesh配对模式
  • 再继续长按变为快速闪烁,若之前没有设置过mesh网络,此阶段松开可将路由的2.4g和5g合并成一个ssid。若曾经设置过mesh网络,此时可将mesh网络复位
  1. 若需要多个B1300配对,以下为步骤
  • 作为主路由的B1300通过运营商接入方式,pppoe或者DHCP接入互联网后,分别设置好2.4g和5g的ssid和密码,密码设置相同
  • 将其他未设置过的B1300接入电源通电
  • 按住主路由的mesh按钮至中速闪烁
  • 马上去其他位置将另外的B1300的mesh按钮也按至中速,配对即开始
  • 等待一段时间后配对即完成,mesh灯常亮
  • 配对的时候,可能需要几台B1300的网络能够互相达到,距离太远,或者有混凝土墙相隔时,可能会配对不成功,可以移近一点配对,配对成功后再移至原计划要安放的位置
  1. 关于有线回传
    B1300是支持有线回传的,在配对成功后,将网线接入非主路由的B1300的任一lan口,mesh灯会开始闪烁,过一会儿停止闪烁恢复常亮后,即设置成功。亲测有线速度基本达到千兆,wifi 5g也到800m

  2. 使用问题

  • 各mesh点之间的wifi切换没有问题,但是iphone设备 (iphone 6s 和 7) 在某一位置2.4G和5G之间出现异常切换,无法连网,甚至会造成路由器本身无响应,需要重启才行。我估计此位置正好是5g信号和2.4g信号即将进行切换的点,而此位置正好是使用者经常待着的位置(比如沙发或床),造成切换异常。希望下一版本中能够优化切换的稳定性,或者提供一些关于这方面参数设置的教程。
  • 这点是我的强需求: 目前mesh组网方式只能是一台设备作为主路由连网,然后和其他设备组成mesh网络。但若我使用其他主路由,只想把B1300当作ap模式或者说是桥接模式使用的情况下,就无法通过上述方法进行mesh组网。 非常希望能在下一版本中能够加入这个功能!!!
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Thanks for making an attempt, but this is not enough. I have bought three of these routers to create a mesh and have at best been able to connect two. The instructions are not just simple but actually wrong as well as being incomplete. (press button on the main router and then press button on the other routers). This is a joke. Why is there no way to control the connecting via the web UI? What happens when you follow the instructions but they all decide to create separate mesh networks even though they are 2m apart with no obstructions. The mesh functionality is not past beta and is being sold as a USP. I am considering returning all three because they are not fit for usage, You may say I am doing it wrong , but since THERE IS NO MANUAL HOW CAN YOU?

I agree that the instructions are ambiguous. I have only two of them and they just worked fine.
How did you pair these routers?

I think I have done it but I am not sure. After much trial and error I did the following today:

  1. Reflashed the 2.72 firmware on all three, and went through the initial setup including setting wifi passwords and making sure that the time was properly synched on the SYSTEM page of the luci ui.
  2. Unplugged the clients
  3. Did a full setup of the main router, including a static ip.
  4. Checked the main router was working.
  5. Plugged in first client and waited until its wifi was visible
  6. Pressed mesh button on the main router until medium speed flash (5-6 seconds)
  7. Pressed mesh button on the first client router until medium speed flash (5-6 seconds)
  8. Walked away for 15 minutes.
  9. Came back and saw that both had the mesh light showing continuously
  10. Checked the main router and it said nothing. Checked the wifi and it still showed the client router with its same network name.
  11. I logged onto the client and went into the admin UI (with the main router’s lan subnet , not 192.168.8 ) and it had no wifi settings (as it shouldn’t have if it is connected to mesh. Then I went to the Luci ui.
  12. as I did this the first node appeared on the main router’s admin ui.
  13. Pressed mesh button on the main router until medium speed flash (5-6 seconds)
  14. Pressed mesh button on the second client router until medium speed flash (5-6 seconds) (I can’t remember if I also did it on the first client as well -sorry)
  15. Walked away for 15 minutes.
  16. Came back and they were set and the main router web ui showed a second node.
  17. moved the second router further away yo where it was needed and plugged it back in.

The problem I am now having is whether the clients are talking to each other or not. I only seem to have 2.4g connections available, and I believe this may be because the second client is still connecting to the main router directly and slowing the whole network because the extra distance is causing it to switch to 2.4g.

But they are all shared an internet connection, SID and passwords so that it a plus.

Good for you.
How about pair the three router at the same time?
Push the mesh button to medium speed flash on the main router and then the second router and then the third one. Would this work or not?