B1300 missing gl-tor package 3.104

Trying to re-install all tor packages on 3.104 firmware, but cannot locate gl-tor IPK.
I looked on the GL-inet packages archive for ipqxx, but only see tor, tor-geoip, etc.

Could someone please upload the GL-TOR package (web vpn page)?

You need to update the repo and search gl-tor. It is in a different location than tor, tor-geoip etc.

@alzhao : I just tried re-updating all repos both in the gl-web interface & luci interface – still no gl-tor.ipk package.

Repo list:

src/gz glinet_core htt*://download.gl-inet.com/releases/kmod-3.1/ipq40xx
src/gz glinet_base htt*://download.gl-inet.com/releases/packages-3.x/ipq40xx/base
src/gz glinet_gli_pub htt*://download.gl-inet.com/releases/packages-3.x/ipq40xx/gli_pub
src/gz glinet_packages htt*://download.gl-inet.com/releases/packages-3.x/ipq40xx/packages
src/gz glinet_luci htt*://download.gl-inet.com/releases/packages-3.x/ipq40xx/luci
src/gz glinet_routing htt*://download.gl-inet.com/releases/packages-3.x/ipq40xx/routing
src/gz glinet_qca htt*://download.gl-inet.com/releases/packages-3.x/ipq40xx/qca
src/gz glinet_glinet htt*://download.gl-inet.com/releases/packages-3.x/ipq40xx/glinet

Am I missing a repo or something else?