B1300 only 10-20mb/s in wifi?

Hello to all,
I have a speed problem with my b1300 in wifi (and LAN).
I cant obtain more then 10mb … in my vdsl 100mb. Connected on expressvpn permanently (20mb with VPN off)

image setting: 2018 07 01 15 21 15 GL i Net — ImgBB

Are you working on 2.4G? Can you try 5G wifi?

Regardless openvpn, wifi should not be the bottleneck.

B1300 should achieve up to 25Mbps openvpn.

2,4 or 5 is the same… 10-12 with vpn on.

With OpenVPN on, the bottleneck is cpu computation power.

Can you post your ovpn settings so that we can check the cyphers

I use expressvpn.com, i can’t send my config files.