B1300 Routing Performance

I am currently running the latest B1300 firmware (v 3.212) and see huge performance problems with routing internet traffic.

I connect to an internet bridge (provided by a Ubiquiti Bullet M2) via ethernet. If I connect my laptop to the bridge directly, I am able to get 20 Mbps up and down speeds; however, as soon as I connect the to the bridge through the B1300 (via WAN port cable) in Router Mode, the clients connected to the B1300 are only able to receive around 5Mbps download speed. I have tried both connecting clients to the router via ethernet cable and 5Ghz Wifi.

Why am I losing 15Mbps of throughput going through the B1300 router? This performance loss is w/o VPN enabled.

Is there any limitions on the Ubiquiti network?

You know even 20Mbps is very slow speed.

B1300 is gigabit so no idea why it can drop to 5Mbps.

Seems there is something basic we didn’t know.

The ubiquiti network bridge connects to a public WiFi hotspot. The 20 Mbps speed is about all the hotspot offers. Could there be an issue with the MTU size that is causing the drop from 20 Mbps to 5Mbps when connected to the router? The bridge just passes the settings from the Wifi Hotspot (via DHCP).

As I mentioned, if I connect my PC directly to the bridge (via ethernet), I am able to see the full 20Mbps.