B1300 unable to repeat 2.4 Ghz SSID

I can repeat the SSID using AR300M running the current 3.024 firmware, but when I try to configure B1300 it says that SSID is DFS and won’t let me select it.

It’s not DFS though, just a regular signal in the 2.4 band. I did disconnect AR300M from the signal before trying to repeat it using B1300. B1300 is using a fresh install of current 3.027 firmware with default settings.

What might be going on?

Wonder if this is a QSDK quirk…

IPQ4028 has it’s issues here - if the SSID repeating is a common SSID across both bands…

AR300M is single band, so I don’t expect problems here

The source SSID is single band 2.4 GHz.

I managed to repeat it after all using B1300. I had to scan about 20 times. 5 times I could select the SSID (it was not shown as DFS or it was shown twice, once as DFS and once as regular). Then of the 5 times, I was able to join the signal once. It seems to have saved correctly.