Back Up OVPN Config Files and the AR750s?

So I am wanting to make it easier to get all the VPN’s set back up after a soft or hard reset. So what I have done was taken all files and directories within the /etc/openvpn and backed it up to the /mnt/sda1 micro sd card. Is having a backup of this folder enough to restore the OpenVPN Configurations on the management page?

Ok, So just having a backup of this directory is not enough. Does anyone know what files/directories need to be backed up so that you don’t have to go through the manual uploading of all locations everytime you need to reset the ar750s?

You can do it on luci. It is available in luci → System → Backup/Flash Firmware.

I didn’t want to have to create a backup of everything. Like I just wanted to be bale to create a backup of the openvpn configuration. So I am guessing it is the following files and directories:
/etc/openvpn directory.
/etc/config/ovpnclients file.

Please ssh to the router.

Compress those files via tar zcvf /etc/openvpn /etc/config/ovpnclients openvpn_backup.tgz.

Using winscp copy it to your pc.

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Yup, You can also put in a micro SD card and then back it up to /mnt/sda1 also. Thank you for confirming the files needed to backup the openvpn parts.