Backing up Creta (GL-AR750) Before Flashing Firmware Update (4.3.6)


downloading the latest (4.3.6) Firmware I noticed
" Your settings can NOT be kept when upgrading to this version from 3.x. Please backup your settings first."

Where can I backup my settings?
Which settings will defintely be kept after the update? What about my profiles for the Wireguard Server I created?

Can the settings not to be kept be imported from the backup after the upgrade to 4.3.6?



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Ya gotta do it manually, unfortunately. Here’s everything you’ll need:

You’ll probably want to ‘pick & choose’ the various conf files to individually restore via uploading/overwriting when switching major f/w versions (eg: 3.x → 4.x, /etc/config/wireguard_server). Expect the need to do a lil’tweaking, testing.


To be honest, I took hours to get everything set up. Not willing to spent this much time again, only because of the reason of a new firmware update. It is standard, that settings will be kept or can at least be restored afterwards

Well, I can tell 'ya first hand there’s syntax differences between v3 & v4 for WireGuard (Client, anyways)… arguably for the better but it did take some tweaking.

New major releases of GL f/w also normally bring a newer version of OpenWrt so any addn’l pkgs’s confs you’ve installed might need to be checked against the new versions avail. in the repos/feeds… the key word being might.

It’s your hardware so it’s your call, of course.

Ok, thanks.

If anyone needs GL-AR750 mine is for sale…

Feel free to sale it on Ebay… you will find bidders there for it

I know where to sell it… => Means I`m done with this item.

You’d have the same trouble if you were running a ‘pure’/stock OpenWrt router. I’m off topic but I’m guessing you’ve never had to install an OS on your PC, then? ‘In place upgrades’ between major releases are quite rarely (read: near never) known to go smoothly (eg: Win '95 → Win XP, Win Vista → Win 8/10).

I’m confident you won’t have issue finding a buyer for the Certa; I’ve seen a few posts on this forum fr those lamenting GL isn’t releasing devices with the same dimensions anymore.

I updates xx PCs in the last 30years, no one (!) lost data or an update failed.
In one the previous firmware update the password lenght was limited to 32digits, complete (!) re installing with all Wiregaurd and OpenVPn profiles etc. Took hours.

Not willing to do this a second time.

We can stop the discussion here. Thanks.

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Add me to the list of irritated people with this download . Why is there no option to “DOWNLOAD BUT DONT INSTALL”. This AR750 is for networked video , security, and thermostat monitoring 600 miles away.
Great expense and inconvenience.