Backport dnsmasq 2.76 for MT300N

I’ve discovered that the sequential IP setting didn’t work with the Image Builder built image for MT300N, even tho dnsmasq 2.73 supports it, so I fixed it by editing the init script. It does work, but not reliably, sometimes it would issue an IP address weirdly out of sequence and then continue on.

I’m wondering if you could backport 2.76 to the version of OpenWrt used for your own image builder? Would I need to re-download image builder or would it pick the new package automatically if you do?

BTW, here’s what needed to be done to the init script:

sed -i '/append_bool "$cfg" quietdhcp "--quiet-dhcp"/a append_bool "$cfg" noping "--no-ping"' /etc/init.d/dnsmasq

sed -i ‘/append_bool “$cfg” quietdhcp “–quiet-dhcp”/a append_bool “$cfg” allservers “–all-servers”’ /etc/init.d/dnsmasq

sed -i ‘/append_bool “$cfg” quietdhcp “–quiet-dhcp”/a append_bool “$cfg” sequential_ip “–dhcp-sequential-ip”’ /etc/init.d/dnsmasq


to be honest I don’t want to backport the package. it will affect a lot things.

Can you just download and install an old version to see if it works?

What do you mean by “the old version”?

@alzhao, now that 7 critical vulnerabilities were discovered and publicized in dnsmasq 2.73, can you backport 2.76 please?

@stangri, yes, definitely. Will check.