Bandwidth/data monitor per WAN interface connection

I have the AR300M and two WAN connections, tethering from iPad and Wifi repeater from a MiFi hotspot. I have installed a the MWAN3 load balancing plug in and set the metrics and weight of both connections all to 2. Hopefully, they are load balancing properly. I don’t have a ethernet WAN or 3G/4G WAN.

What I want to see is how much bandwidth is being used for each WAN interface since each connection has limited data.


Can you check the connection on luci where it will show how much data you use on each interface.

You can also ssh to the router and use ifconfig to check the data useage.

ok, there it is! Thank you. Luci → Network → Interfaces. Not sure how I didn’t see this before.

Would be nice is this information was in the new iOS app or even the router’s standard GUI.

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