"behind NAT" - Problem with Cloud (MANGO MT300N-V2)

Hello guys!

I can’t find a suitable topic for my issue. I followed all steps of the manual* for creating my own cloud via my “MANGO MT300N-V2” but after the DDNS-test the following is shown up:
“Your DDNS is resolved as xxx But this router is behind NAT or you do not have a Public IP address.”
Is this because of my VPN-Connection? How can I solve this problem to reach my abc.glddns.com adress?

The manuael says “If your router is behind NAT, you may need to set up port forward in higher level router.” → How can I do this? What must I change? And what means NAT?!

Please help me :smile:


*Manual I used: DDNS - GL.iNet Docs

It seems there is an issue when running VPN. The DDNS will be resolve to your VPN’s server IP address.

You have to stop VPN client if you need to use DDNS for now. It should have a best solution later.