Beryl 1300 times out trying to connect to saved wifi

Had this problem for a while, but would love to solve it. Can see on other forums that many others have the same problem…

I have several saved wifi networks for use with repeater mode. It would be nice if when the router rebooted it would automatically attempt to connect to a known wifi in range, but it does not. Perhaps because I’m running load balancing with with device plugged into the WAN?

My real issue is that when the repeater is not connected, I go to the “saved networks” click on the correct one and “join”, but it rarely works. Most of the time it just says “timeout”. Sometimes on the second or third try it will connect. This happens with all of the saved networks, so I would like to think it is not network related.

Is there a way to make sure the saved networks will actually easily join and not waste several minutes trying again and again? It will work if I rescan, find the network and manually enter the password…connects every time and easily. Doesn’t make sense why the known wifi settings and approach does not work.

Maybe you’re using an older firmware?
I remember the ‘timeout’ issue, but it doesn’t happen for me, since 3.215 (snapshot).

I’m on 3.211 with auto-update enabled. I would hope that when a version is ready it will automatically update. That is a nightly and not considered stable, as far as I can tell.

Can you try the 3.215?

Fixed some bugs related to repeater.

Since I need this for work throughout the day, I would rather not install a version that is not fully tested and ready. While it could fix this one problem, it could then cause others. I’m willing to wait for it to be fully released with all known bugs removed. Will wait for automatic update and then report back here if there is any change