Beryl 3.212 beta3 - Can't access devices when using 5Ghz

I have this strange problem using 3.212 beta3 on Beryl.
I have 2 Pc that are running shared folders: if they are connected to beryl’s 5Ghz wifi, I can’t access shared folders. If I connect to 2.4Ghz (at least 1 device) all is fine. This happens with all my devices: also my android phone can’t access shared folders If I am connected to 5Ghz.
Also, I am running Unified Remote on my Pc to control it with my phone, If I am connected to 5Ghz my phone can’t connect my Unified Remote PC server (can’t even ping it). Again, all is fine using 2,4Ghz.
I came from 3.211 stable and never had such problem with Beryl even on older firmwares.
Don’t really know how to troubleshoot this problem either… any ideas?

Verified. It is a bug.

Can you try the following fix for now?

uci set network.lan.multicast_to_unicast='0'
uci commit

Then restart network or reboot.

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Thanks Alzhao, that fix worked!