Beryl amps at 3, no matter what?

I know that Beryl is 5V/3a.

Does the ampere stay at 3 always? Or does it go up if you tether your phone and your phone is getting charged from Beryl making the router draw 4 or 5 amps?

You can use something like this to find out how much power it draws:

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That is awesome! Ordered one!

Currently looking at this to use as bypass/ups.

Be mindful the Beryl doesn’t have PD, so you won’t be getting more watts. Also, if your phone is tethered to the Beryl, the current to the phone is limited by the USB3 port.

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Not having PD, I assume that means Beryl will never draw more than 15 watts, no matter what? Correct?

If correct then that is actually a good thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Beryl itself will not consume more than 10 watt.

The 5 watt is for USB dongles.

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Thanks mate! (twenty characters)