Beryl and flint openvpn server glddns host not found

hi I have a beryl and a flint running firmware 4.1.0. I’ve tried setting up an openvpn server on both and I’ve enabled port forwarding udp 1194 on the router they connect to but always encounter this error. “ Transport Error: DNS resolve error on ‘’ for UDP session: Host not found (authoritative)” when I try to connect. I’ve tried the last few days without success trying to get it to work. Any suggestions would be greatly be appreciated.

if you try to “test” the DDNS?

  in case, can you try to use the OpenVPN with the real IP address and not with the DDNS.


It works now much appreciated! The upload speed the openvpn server is connected to is only 20mb but when I set my beryl with the vpn client at a different location a lot of times it takes along time to load anything or it fails to load. Connection at both places are around 3-500mb down and 20mb up. Is this expected ? Thanks