Beryl Available Memory Report

I am new to Beryl. Would someone explain how two different reports of memory relate to each other?

  1. The device interface reports that the Software free space is 14.7 MB, 88% of the total, which implies that 16 MB or so is the total Software memory.

  2. The product web site says that Beryl has 32MB flash memory.

How does the 16 MB of Software memory relate to the 32MB of flash memory?

The device report is shown below.

Maybe more than you want to know: [OpenWrt Wiki] The OpenWrt Flash Layout

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Have I understood this more or less correctly – does the OpenWrt firmware etc. occupy about 16MB of the 32MB flash memory, and the Beryl Admin Panel and Luci are reporting the layer/amount of the flash memory available to the root file system, also about 16MB?

That’s the way I understand it, but Luci and the Admin panel usually show different amounts because they are looking at different layers (I think). 32mb is tons of room, which is why the Beryl image can include Luci to begin with.

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