Beryl AX GL-MT3000 still not working after performing uboot firmware restore


I recently purchased a Beryl AX GL-MT3000. I performed a firmware reset from the admin portal and my router has not been working since. Upon powering the router, I get a blinking blue light.

I’ve tried performing a firmware restore using uboot. I’m able to follow the instructions and successfully connect to the uboot portal, upload an older firmware, and apply it. Upon the router’s restart, it will continue to blink a blue light. When I connect to the admin portal on, the admin portal appears and I have the option to choose my language and set an admin password. However, after setting my new admin password, the admin portal will load briefly before presenting a “connection error”. At this point, I am unable to connect to to launch the admin portal. The router’s light continue to blink blue.

I’ve tried to restore different versions of the firmware using uboot. However, after I set my admin password, I am not able to re-connect to the admin portal. The router never stops blinking blue after each firmware restore.

Is my router permanently bricked?

Just to confirm: you’re using the U-boot image file, the file that ends in .img, correct? If so that should completely wipe the device back to factory defaults.

Default for uboot mode is 192. 168.1.1 but after reflash you should be accessing at (could be a typo but…)

@bring.fringe18 Yes. You are correct.

@limbot ahh…thank you for noting that! I didn’t realize the ip address for the admin page is different from uboot. I am able to login to the admin portal at Everything is in working order!