Beryl AX

I enjoy my Beryl router for Travel. I purchased the new Beryl AX because it has AdGuard home functionality. Now I am trying to see how best I can add it to my home Wi-Fi set up. My cable modem cannot be tweaked. I use Deco M3 and M5 mesh for coverage. What is the best way to use the Beryl AX in my setup? I assume it should be between the cable router and the mesh. That way, AdGuard Home can work on all the WiFi data traffic. Any help to figure this is appreciated :blush:

Yup, would agree, should work fine.

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Do I need to switch off wifi on the Beryl?

You don’t have to if you need it.

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I am surprised that my speed is better when Beryl was made the main router and Deco was set as an access point. Thanks a lot for your inputs!