Beryl behind LTE, wireguard connect fails

I will try it in english.
I have a LTE-Router Zyxel-WAH7601 and a “Beryl” behind.
On my Fritzbox I created a Wireguard connection and copied the x.conf to Beryl.
These are the IP:
VPN to Beryl

Beryl with tethering
Beryl-devices (Raspi LAN),… (WLAN-devices)

From Beryl/Raspi I can connect Fritzbox and all devices with That’s okay, but not so important for me.

From Fritzbox/PC I only get a connection over and only to Beryl, not to devices.
No connect with or (=Beryl) or But this is what I want.
I want to manage my devices in my garden.
Can anybody help me please.


The problem may be that when you are using the LTE/5G cellular WAN connection you get an non static IP address. Also be aware that CGNAT on the WAN side can cause problems.

But I have connect to Beryl - behind lTE-Router. 2 devices, they are connected with Beryl cannot connect. Maybe itis a problem of portforwarding. Several input variants of me with no effort.

Correct, this was just discussed a few days ago again here:

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Now it works fine (without Astrorelay)