Beryl (GL-MT1300) and iPhone USB Tethering - Disconnects Often

I have the Beryl setup to tether internet via a USB cable from an iPhone. It works for a while, sometimes hours, sometimes days - but eventually it stops and I need to manually, physically reset the connection. The iPhone stays powered and connected to the internet, but the Beryl’s tethering disconnects.

When the tethering no longer works, I need to either unplug and replug the iPhone and have the iPhone re-“trust” the Beryl. Sometimes, I need to reset the iPhone’s network settings completely to get the “Trust this device” popup.

Is there some kind of “stay alive” or “ping” that I can enable to keep the iPhone to Beryl USB tether up and running?

Please share the iPhone model and iOS version

The iPhone is an XR running iOS 16.1. Thanks.