Beryl (GL-MT1300) and iPhone USB Tethering - Disconnects Often

I have the Beryl setup to tether internet via a USB cable from an iPhone. It works for a while, sometimes hours, sometimes days - but eventually it stops and I need to manually, physically reset the connection. The iPhone stays powered and connected to the internet, but the Beryl’s tethering disconnects.

When the tethering no longer works, I need to either unplug and replug the iPhone and have the iPhone re-“trust” the Beryl. Sometimes, I need to reset the iPhone’s network settings completely to get the “Trust this device” popup.

Is there some kind of “stay alive” or “ping” that I can enable to keep the iPhone to Beryl USB tether up and running?

Please share the iPhone model and iOS version

The iPhone is an XR running iOS 16.1. Thanks.

Any ideas on this? I keep losing the internet connection to the iPhone (again, hard wired via USB), which makes the Beryl essentially unusable for its primary purpose.

The Beryl is running 3.125, which the device says is up to date.

Hi,Could you please try using SDK4.1 firmware to solve this problem?GL.iNet download center

Believe or not, sometime you need reboot your iphone to fix this.

Thanks @alzhao, but one of the only ways to get it to reconnect once the connection is lost is to reset the iPhone’s network settings. That reboot’s the iPhone. But the reboot has no impact on this issue.

Thanks @Dipin, I just uploaded the new 4.1 firmware and set it up to be a WireGuard client. I’ll report back if it does or does not resolve the issue.

I will say that the new user interface on 4.1 is pretty slick. Definitely like all the WireGuard options available.

Strange. XR seems having more issues than other models. Hope IOS update can fix that.

48 hours and holding on the 4.1 firmware. Will report back in another 48. No drops so far.

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No drops for another 48. I would consider 4.1 firmware to have resolved the issue.


Thank you for your feedback.

I’m having this same issue with my Spitz GL-X3000. I need to go into the admin dashboard to manually disconnect and reconnect in order to get my connection back.

Is there a new firmware for the GL-X3000 that resolves this issue?