Beryl (GL-MT1300) no internet when connecting to wifi

i can connect to the wifi just fine on my laptop, when i try to connect to the same wifi with the beryl as a repeater it says successful but i can not access any websites. any help would be great i already factory reset the beryl

Does Beryl get IP from the wifi already? or didn’t get IP at all.

how can i tell? when i’m in the admin page ?

yes, you should find in the web panel, like

it will say connection successful and then show nothing.

I have a firmware. Can you install this firmware and try again

You can ssh to the router and get the log to me if still cannot connected.

I was not having this issue with 3.201 (0402). I installed this 3.203-0720 and have no issue connecting now either.

i can ssh in to the router on mac, how do i save a log?

Copy and paste is generally what I do.

I have a simlar problem. I am connecting to open wifi. It says succes and than nothing happens. I have also tried with the above firmware.

Connection to this wifi with phone or computer works without a probelem.