Beryl (GL-MT1300) no internet when connecting to wifi

i can connect to the wifi just fine on my laptop, when i try to connect to the same wifi with the beryl as a repeater it says successful but i can not access any websites. any help would be great i already factory reset the beryl

Does Beryl get IP from the wifi already? or didn’t get IP at all.

how can i tell? when i’m in the admin page ?

yes, you should find in the web panel, like

it will say connection successful and then show nothing.

I have a firmware. Can you install this firmware and try again

You can ssh to the router and get the log to me if still cannot connected.

I was not having this issue with 3.201 (0402). I installed this 3.203-0720 and have no issue connecting now either.

i can ssh in to the router on mac, how do i save a log?

Copy and paste is generally what I do.

I have a simlar problem. I am connecting to open wifi. It says succes and than nothing happens. I have also tried with the above firmware.

Connection to this wifi with phone or computer works without a probelem.


Same Issue here. I connected with a potable router as a repeter or with LAN cable. I get IPs but no internet with connected devices then.

The Beryl GL-MT1300 seems to have internet conneczion because he updated to the newest firmware from 3.202 to 3.203?!?

VPN can‘t be enabled so I‘m not shure whats the connection state of The Beryl MT 1300 device?!?

Any Idea how to solve this issue?

If you got IP but no Internet, there may be a captive portal.

Maybe you can refer to this guide Connect to Captive Portal - GL.iNet Docs

I will try but this would be very strange because it is a normal data sim card from a mobile provider. With my phone, notebook, apple TV I can normally conect the wifi router?!?