Beryl (GL-MT1300) pocket-sized travel router is now open for pre-order!

The BERYL is here! We are so excited to share our new pocket-sized travel router, with Top-Notch Security Features.
:point_right:Don’t miss out on our exclusive pre-order offer: GL-MT1300 / Beryl - GL.iNet


what version of openwrt?

what version of wireguard?

why three different versions at three different prices?

better if glinet team work on better firmare on brume
and ar750s

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yes, i agree
also on the usb150

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OpenWrt 1907.4

Wireguard 1.0.2

Brume is already using openwrt 19.07

Upgrading firmware on current devices will speed up in Nov and Dec.


great. thanks for the update.

does it have support for vanilla openwrt already? i see no commits in master… it’s an openwrt device… please don’t take forever to push code to openwrt master as usual! thanks!

I can’t wait for this to appear on Amazon! Would love to pre-order but when I used to order Odroid with any type of wireless, before they opened a US store, it was really annoying dealing with customs… Guess I will continue to play with my Brume-W and Slate while I wait!