Beryl Mt1300 EAP

Hey guys! I have just upgraded from the AR300M → MT1300 to repeat an EAP network. Sadly by default it looks like this is not possible either through glinet Gui or LUCI. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get around this? Looks to be a problem with the MTK firmware.

Currently I’m using the AR300M to repeat the EAP via lan to the beryl which is then broadcasting via WiFi. Obviously not an ideal soln

While I cannot help you with that problem I had to learn that some things (esp. Wifi stuff) cannot be configured via GUI in Beryl. However Ingot things working by changing network and wireless files manually using SSH.

Unfortunately, like MT300N-V2, Beryl MT1300 does not work with EAP

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Thanks - this is what I thought… do you know whether it’s a software or hardware limitation?

It is software limitation.

If you can put open source wifi driver running on the router, this will not be a problem.

But we do not have open source wifi driver.

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Thanks a lot for your help! Might think about buying a slate to meet my needs

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Per the question here, is this still the case with firmware v3.211 @alzhao ?

MT1300 3.x firmware does not support EAP.

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Is EAP support on the roadmap?

I don’t have any info in this. Sorry.

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