Beryl Server and Client Connection

I have tried to connect my Beryl as a server via OpenVPN and the connection is almost non existent when I check it on my phone app (4 kb/s). Needless to say the client Beryl will not connect. When I try WireGuard the server appears to be working (it shows green) but the client refused to budge from orange and never confirms a connection. I also purchased Mullvad and can’t seem to figure it out that way either. Please help :frowning: I have a dynamic IP and suspect I haven’t set that up correctly but I don’t know where I went wrong. I found my ddns name and changed it in the configuration that you paste into the client section. I also enabled VPN policies and disabled the “use for all process on the router”.

Do the client logs show any error messages?

You can check if DDNS is correctly directed to your public IP at or similar. In addition, it is a good idea to check the IP on the client device by ping the DDNS domain
If the dns resolution is correct, you can rule out the dynamic IP as the cause of the problem.

Are you using Beryl as server or client?

It can only work as server or client, not both in firmware 3.x.

Can you break the two issues into to post and give some details?