Beryl - Wireless WAN to Wireless Client with VPN

Hi Guys,
This is my first GL-inet purchase, and its a cutie.

I want to setup my Beryl as follow

  1. Connect to a Wireless (for example in a coffee shop)
  2. VPN connects
  3. Connect my iphone to the Beryl over wireless as a client

Can anyone point me in the right direction here, please?


This is a typical use case. Start with the instructions here: First Time Setup - GL.iNet Docs

Mango 3.212 snapshot
Beryl 3.211 stable
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Hi Elorimer,

Thank you for the reply. I did read through all of the documentation before I posted here.
I cannot find a single piece of information about making the Wireless as WAN. I can only see information about connecting Ethernet physically.

Am I missing something in the documentation?

Thanks again

You are looking for connection #2 as a repeater, here: Internet - GL.iNet Docs

That takes care of #1 on your list.

Check out the videos about how to connect as repeater (Wireless WAN)

Thank you guys. I setup as a repeater and everything is working perfectly.

Thanks for the help!

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