Beryl Witeguard VPN MTU Issue [Please Help]

My last thread didn’t get resolved so here it is again. Someone suggested changing the MTU on the server side but when I navigate to the WireGuard server on the dashboard, this is what I see:

Original post:

I have a basic client to server Wireguard VPN setup. I have a Beryl router back home (Server) and a Beryl router that I travel with (Client).

Up until now, things have been rather smooth without too many hiccups. As of yesterday I am unable to load most webpages on my work computer that connects to the Beryl (Client).

Here is the strange thing, if I change my MTU size on my computer to a lower one, it starts working fine and will continue to do so for maybe an hour and then it stops working again.

Also, right now I have MTU = 1280 but once it stops working after an hour, if I run the command in cmd to change the MTU to 1280, it works again.

So simply running the cmd command:

netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface “Ethernet” mtu = 1280 store = persistent

Fixes the issue temporarily even though the MTU is already at 1280, which makes no sense to me.

My short term solution is just having a python script execute that command every 5 minutes and that seems to work. But I am not sure what the consequences of doing that are and would like to solve the underlying problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions? This is a bit of an emergency so I appreciate any help. Also forgive me for my lack of networking knowledge, I barely understand what MTU is and just know that changing it fixed the problem.

What’s the firmware version of the Beryl router? What status of the VPN page of Beryl while disconnection happens? Do you have a log?