Beryl with no wifi even tho it says it's on

I’ve just had it with this thing.

Sometimes when I connect a 2.4ghz device all wifi shuts off, even tho in the software in the router says it’s enabled. Or the wifi just goes offline completely for no reason, yet still shows it’s connected. Or the 2.4ghz cannot allow someone to connect.

Right now i’m using the router only with Ethernet because the wifi refuses to function. It will show up when I reboot the router, then go offline completely. In the router it says the firmware is working fine.

I have tried reverting the firmware, using the beta firmware, using the nightly snapshot firmware, hard resetting, at this point nothing changes the situation.

Anyone have any ideas?


Thu Aug 4 05:11:44 2022 kern.warn kernel: [ 90.857900] ...Thu Aug - here is my system log

One Idea would be to check the channel. Not every channel is allowed in every country. Maybe the Beryl is confused and uses channels that are not available on your other devices.

For testing set the wifi channel fixed to 6.

Try another power adapter if you see WiFi crashes in log.

Fix WiFi channels.

I have been using the power adapter that came with it. But i’ll put it on another high power adapter and see what happens.

So far, so good. I had it on a 3 amp usb port, but I guess it wasn’t enough.