BerylAX hangs on loading webpages

I’ve used the device for a few days now, I have roughly 17 devices connected, including a chromecast, Home Server, 2 laptops, a few phones and some other IOT devices (Wyze Cams).

I have a few things installed on the router like Prometheus, Collectd, Vnstat2, Wrtbwmon and iptmon to monitor the device. (Same software that I have on the SlateAX).

Tonight, The router was working fine for a bit, then just hung, webpages will not load at all, including the router admin page, so I know its the router hanging and not my ISP. (I even switched back to the slateAX and my issues went away). The router will start working after 30-60 seconds tho. I’m on 4.2b2.

The router uptime does not reset so it’s not crashing/rebooting.

The logs showed nothing of interest. I don’t know what else to look at. Maybe a hard reset. Or uninstalling all my stuff

Also, I am using it in WWAN mode and not hardwired to the internet.

@alzhao – It happened again, I was able to screen record it, and exported logs. is there a place I can upload person logs and screenshots to? I’d rather not share it with the world :slight_smile:

Pls send via email support at and attn Alfie.