Best Frequency for Firestick Connection

I use my GL-AR750S to connect to a Firestick. I have the option for 2.4 or 5.0GHz for either connection. The GL-AR750S has a very strong connection to the router and the Firestick has a very good connection to the GL-AR750S. So is it OK to use 5G for both connections, or should I have one of the connections on 2.4GHz? And if so, which connection do you recommend for the 5G?

if you are using another router infront of a750s(double nat) and if you are using an ethernet cable on the wan port it makes no difference. but if you are using wisp, then have shortest distance use 5ghz
stick and ar750s
ar750s and internet router

use 2ghz for the other.

for example

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Thanks. So if I understand correctly, it is best use both frequencies than have everything on the same frequency. Distance wise , it is essentially equal distance.

for wisp yes, ethernet cable connect to wan of ar750s no

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