Best way to copy to SD card?


Once I have an SD card installed within the MT300A, what’s the best way to copy files to the card? I tried using smb (enabled through the web interface), but throughput was very slow. Is there a preferred method?



what is the throughtput of SMB?

From our test, if you copy using wifi, the speed should be around 2.1 MB/s, if you copy using Cable, the speed should be 4.8 MB/s

Hi. I am getting about 1 MB/s. In a transfer of a 1G file, I’ve seen as high as 1.2MB/s and as low as 600kB/s.



you can try ftp but i dont think it would be much faster, the fastest way is to remove the sd card and copy files from your pc to the card

what class is your sd card? Class 10?