Beta 750-3.100-1217, OpenWrt 19.07.0-rc2 support

It can be its time to start to test the Openwrt 19.07.0-rc2 on actual Beta Firmware like:
Beta 750-3.100-1217

Its looks its the same situation on:
Beta 750-3.100-1218

It can be Openwrt 19.07 will be released on:

  • Jan 12, 2020

See follow:

There are still a lot of bugs remaining, look here:

So expect it to be delayed.

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We have tested 1907 in one of our models. It seems OK but it crashes randomly, like once several days.

So we revert back to 1806. But keep testing 1907.

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OpenWrt 19.07.0 - First Stable Release - 6 January 2020:

Buglist of 19.07:

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